I use a variety of modalities to support the healing and growth of my clients. In addition to traditional “talk therapy,” my primary modalities include EMDR, Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness.

Where you look affects how you feel.

David Grand


EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing) is an evidence-based practice that can be highly effective in working through traumatic experiences.  EMDR involves helping to reset the way we hold trauma memories in our neural networks by “deprocessing” negative core beliefs and moving toward more adaptive ways of experiencing the world (“reprocessing”).  I generally guide this work through bi-lateral tapping rather than the traditional back and forth eye movements.  Through EMDR, we can find freedom from the emotional stuckness of past experiences that may be affecting how we see the world and negatively affecting our relationships or life goals.

I use both the traditional EMDR protocol for shifting difficult memories as well as a modified attachment-focused protocol for clients with more pervasive, developmental, relational childhood trauma. 



Brainspotting (BSP) is effective for healing trauma that contributes to anxiety, depression and other conditions. It works by bypassing the conscious, frontal lobe of the brain to access the deeper, emotional and body-based parts of the brain. Brain activity, especially in the subcortical brain, organizes itself around certain eye positions. By locating, focusing and processing from these focused eye positions, BSP harnesses the body’s natural ability to identify and heal unprocessed trauma. It can also be used to enhance performance or creativity as well as to strengthen our natural resources and resilience.

Since David Grand first discovered BSP in 2003, over 13,000 therapists have been trained around the world. BSP is designed as a therapeutic tool that can be integrated into other healing modalities.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a modality that envisions that each of us has a “family” of protective and wounded inner parts as well as a core, wise Self. Our parts develop generally early in life to help us navigate difficult experiences by finding ways of keeping us safe. These parts, however, often end up playing extreme roles that, when left to govern, may end up causing havoc in our lives. For example, if we grew up with an angry parent, we may have developed a hypervigilant, accommodating part of ourselves. In our adult relationships, even if we are with someone who is emotionally safe, we do not trust and feel like we’re waiting for the “shoe to drop.”

IFS assumes that each of us has a wise Self at our center. Self can’t be damaged and knows how to heal. Its qualities include the “8 Cs:” confidence, calmness, compassion, courage, creativity, clarity, curiosity, and connectedness. A central aim of IFS therapy is to help clients remember and gain greater access to Self so that Self can then help heal our wounded parts, allowing us to move through life in more connected and healthy ways

The whole world opens when we accept this moment,
this very moment

Deepak Chopra


Perhaps you find yourself often thinking about something other than where you are and what you are doing. Worrying about the past or the future can rob us of present moment joy. Mindfulness involves bringing attention to the present moment—with compassion and without judgment. Being right here, right now allows us to truly expand and embrace THIS moment.

When clients are interested, we may incorporate mindfulness strategies into our work. Mindfulness may include guided visualization, meditation, conscious breath, yoga or various grounding techniques. It helps us train our brains and nervous systems to tap into their natural capacities for self-correction and healing. It helps eliminate our unconscious negative thinking patterns and redirect our attention to joy. Research supports the effectiveness of these tools in shifting brain patterns, reducing stress and contributing to an overall increase in mental, emotional, social and spiritual functioning. Whenever we take a moment to reconnect with the present moment, peace and freedom follow.

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