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Journey of Light Counseling

Benay Wetherington
Benay Wetherington, LCSW

Sometimes it feels like nobody gets you, that you’re on this ride alone. You may be wondering if you’ll ever feel “right.” Why do I feel so alone even when I’m not? Why am I so anxious and worried all the time? Why can’t I just enjoy my life? Am I always destined to return to sadness?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I know your journey—I’ve been there. Life is hard! And while we all probably have something that wasn’t ideal in our lifetime, some of us have more to deal with than others.

Here’s the good news: We all have the capacity to feel connected, loved, and aligned. Through connection we find wholeness and joy and things start to fall into place. But getting there is a process. It takes work and trust and courage.

Together we can find the way.

We are like islands in the sea,
separate on the surface but connected in the deep.

William James


Do you feel stuck in your relationships or realization of your personal goals? Are you struggling with your sense of purpose? Are you stressed and anxious or sad more than you’d like to be? Are you going through a transition in your life like divorce, retirement, kids to college, or new motherhood?


Have you been challenged by tough experiences that you can’t quite let go? Do you find yourself resorting to the same unhealthy patterns that stand in your way? Are you curious about learning an effective way to help reset the way you are hold negative memories and create adaptive neural networks?


Are you interested in learning strategies for reducing your stress level and helping you move more gracefully through your day? Are you interested in reducing potential health issues and increasing your quality of life? Do you want to learn how to control your reactivity to stressful situations?
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